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In Recent years, demand of cashless transactions and e-wallets has changed the banking and financial use cases.

We Develop highly secure banking, Insurance & financial applications.

In today’s tech-driven world, financial service providers have gone digital- but personalization is still essential to maintain a competitive edge. Yaantec has provided top-notch services to Banks, Insurers, and Financial Services Organizations in order to tackle customer growth, service delivery, and overall experience.

Why Choose Us ?

Our financial and banking specialists help you comprehend your needs and issues to design and provide individualized solutions. Yaantec utilizes the most up-to-date big data, cloud, and mobility technologies to keep the industry updated with tech breakthroughs.

With us, you can get tailored IT solutions from banking and finance experts at an affordable rate. Our specialists have the technical expertise to meet all your needs.


Exploring the Advantages of Financial Technology and Insurance Solutions

Yaantec has extensive experience utilizing Fintech solutions in banking, finance, and insurance to streamline operations, increase security, and reduce costs. With Yaantec’s help, the sector can overcome any challenge it may face.

Fully Compliant

Moving towards compliance with regulations and risk management

Practical Use Cases

Helping clients achieve their desired business objectives.

Assistance to Establishments

Provide assistance to financial and risk management establishments.

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Services We Deliver

Integration of Social Media

Fintech software development can benefit from the integration of social media and creating a community, leading to improved visibility, connectivity, and user access.

Increasing Adviser Efficiency

Through a unified platform, banking and financial software development can effectively increase Advisor productivity by providing them with helpful features and data.

Claim Handling Solutions

Fintech software with an integrated claim management component allows you to easily manage claims while providing you with access to meaningful financial analytics.

Customer Service

Our fintech software development team is experienced and dedicated, providing specialized support and maintenance for the financial software.

Notifications and Organizers

Stakeholders can set up reminders and collection schedules with the help of essential fintech software to ensure the operation and maintenance flow is followed correctly.


To ensure success in the financial industry, software development needs thoughtful planning so raw data can be used to create reliable and useful insights, increasing sales and reducing risks.

Analyzing fraud and insurance claims

Fintech apps have a fraud detection feature specifically designed to help both old and new banks identify fraudulent activity.

Licensing Management

Banking software development helps with the collection process and limits the number of install licenses given out.

Building a Fintech ?

Let's have a discussion and give your users a futuristic experience. Contact Us today !

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