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Technology solutions for optimizing transportation and logistics operations.

Engage our IT services to streamline your transportation and logistics operations and boost productivity.

Increasing the use of automation in digital transportation.

Global transportation and logistics services have an estimated worth of $4.6 trillion, including air, rail, water, pipeline, courier and warehousing operations. In addition, the industry is expected to grow at a rate of 4.5% annually. As such, it’s important for businesses to optimize their transportation and logistics operations in order to remain competitive.

Why Choose Us ?

Through tackling contemporary issues, Yaantec has established itself as a major participant in the transport and logistics sector. We aid our customers in maximizing their profits through combining revolutionary suggestions with best tech solutions.

For years, Yaantec has partnered with globally renowned transportation and logistics companies, providing tailored solutions to address their day to day challenges.

Our team has a deep understanding of client needs and is experienced in proposing the best solution with the most appropriate technology. Our clients range from individuals who want to track a vehicle, to large enterprises seeking comprehensive business management.


Transforming Transportation and Logistics.

For success in the competitive transportation and logistics industry, it is essential that companies stay up-to-date on all operations. This can be accomplished by:

Informed Decision Making

Utilizing real time data to make sound decisions.

Creative Solution Offerings

Implementing creative and unconventional solutions

Inventory Mapping

Cutting costs by mapping inventory for logistics

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Services We Deliver

Mobile Application Development

Our mobile app is designed to make your business operations simpler and easier. Enjoy the convenience of having everything you need at your fingertips.

Business Process Optimization

A Business Process Service can provide organizations with fleet management, risk management, and cargo tracking - a complete solution for making on-the-spot decisions.

Fleet Management Solution

A mobile app providing features such as tracking of the fleet, task allocation, and roster management can help to enhance the performance and visibility of your shipment.

Route Optimization

Our route optimization app provides you with the most economical driving paths for your fleet. It takes into account available resources and considers various pathways to enhance operational productivity.

Realtime Vehicle Tracking

Our specialized applications give businesses better tracking and management abilities, as well as increased productivity.

Intelligent Alerts & Alarms

Our Intelligent Alert and Alarm System, which is powered by Artificial Intelligence, helps organizations keep track of their KPIs and sends out notifications for surprise occurrences.

Analytical Logistics

We use analytical techniques and logistics strategies to evaluate a variety of sources and track supply chain performance, allowing users to run their logistics operations more efficiently.

Assignment Planning & Scheduling

Our automated order processing system can help you streamline your supply chain management with efficient scheduling and task organization.

Building a Logistics Product ?

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