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Software solutions for the travel and hospitality industries.

Robust IT services are available to help travel and hospitality businesses expand, manage, and upgrade their processes.

Quick responses and automated digital travel solutions.

Yaantec’s IT support and expertise in the travel and hospitality industries is unmatched, helping our clients to be a step ahead of their competitors. With a strong domain knowledge and an unparalleled track record, we are the perfect technology partner for end-to-end travel and hospitality solutions.

Why Choose Us ?

We assist the travel and hospitality industries in providing their clients with the experience they need in a timely and effective manner. Our main focus is recognizing customer demands and implementing the perfect solution.

Yaantec has established itself in the travel and hospitality industry by tackling current issues. We are dedicated to generating revenue for our customers through inventive ideas and practical solutions. Our aim is to provide the optimal solution that satisfies our client’s needs promptly and sensibly.

With many years of experience in this industry, you need a reliable partner to understand and fulfill your IT needs. Yaantec is an ideal choice for any IT support and solutions for business operations. When seeking a top-notch software development company, look no further than Yaantec!


Travel and Hospitality Reshipping

To maintain a competitive edge, business owners in the travel industry must be aware of and utilize the newest technologies. Working with an IT partner like Yaantec can help facilitate this process.

Inventory Management on Clicks

Connecting and Managing Large-Scale Inventory Digitally.

Customer experience is our Priority

Examining and assessing consumer behavior to maximize the customer experience.

Robust Tech Solutions

Developing Robust and Efficient Solutions for travel domain.


Services We Deliver

Hotel Reservation System

With Digital Hotel Booking Solution, potential visitors can select their desired booking dates, length of stay, room type, extras and make payments remotely. This gives them the freedom to book a room anytime and from anywhere.

Inventory Aggregator

An Inventory Aggregator is a key component of the Digital Travel industry. It gathers inventory data from many sources and merges it in one central location, allowing businesses to make better decisions and provide more services and options for their customers.

Cloud-based HM solution.

Hotel booking software must be scalable to handle higher traffic during peak times, while still providing cost efficiency. Therefore, many travel programs are transitioning to the cloud.

B2B & B2C Travel Portal

B2B and B2C booking systems provide travel companies with the tools they need to quickly promote their business, by simplifying and accelerating the booking process for both corporate customers and end-users.

Supplier Integration

By integrating with suppliers, management has the agility to quickly react to external situations like competitor behavior and customer demand.

Quotation & Itinerary Automation

Automation tools that assist tour operators with quotations and itineraries to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Flight Booking Engine

A Flight Booking Engine simplifies the flight booking process, increasing organic traffic and aiding the airline and travel industry to grow.

TDM (Travel Data Exchange Management)

Travel Data Exchange is a solution that enables Wholesalers, OTAs and Travel Agencies to manage their business offering effectively by collaborating with various sources of travel inventory.

Building a Next Gen Travel Product ?

Let's have a discussion and give your users a futuristic experience. Contact Us today !

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