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Technology solutions for Institutions and e-learning platforms

With e-learning, teaching, learning and communication in the education industry can be made easier.

Be part of the digital learning revolution.

The burgeoning e-learning industry has made education more engaging in this competitive world by connecting educators and learners.Yaantec is suited to serve the E-learning industry, offering an understanding of trends and challenges, as well as providing teaching, attendance taking, quizzes, and accompanying material in one package.

Why Choose Us ?

Experienced in the Education Industry, Yaantec can supply effective IT Solutions for E-Learning and customize features to make the business stand out from the competition.

Over the years, We had the experience of working with different ed-tech companies and are able to tailor IT solutions to meet the specific demands of an organization by developing domains, software, and applications.


Redefining Education Industry with our cutting edge solutions !

Digital learning has revolutionized the education sector. Yaantec helps you stay ahead of the competition with innovative teaching solutions, such as:

Platform Usability Enhancement

Constructing Strategies to Enhance Learner Involvement.

Easy to use UI & UX

Finding the best solutions and making things simpler.


Monitoring user behavior and providing personalized content.

Services We Deliver

Learning with others

Collaborative Learning lets you create dynamic of multimedia presentations with features such as quizzes, interactive maps, Twitter timelines, and videos.

Quiz management

CBQM (Cloud Based Quiz Management) facilitates the delivery of proctored cloud-based exams to organizations of any size, enabling recruiters, trainers, instructors and teachers to securely manage their tests.

E-Learning Software

E-Learning software tailored to lifelong learning and ongoing personal/professional growth provides students with a unique learning experience.

Online Learning Platform

The Professional Virtual Education Platform provides online learning solutions for educators and the educational community.

Collaborative Classroom

Starting a new school term or studying a current subject, collaborative classrooms equip learners with the capabilities they need now, and in the future.

Auto Placements Process

An online platform for automated campus placement connects companies, colleges, and job seekers in order to facilitate the recruitment process.

Mobility in Education 

The advancement of Education has led to more personalized learning experiences, such as blended and flipped learning, which promotes student-teacher relationships.

Process Automation Workflow 

Process Automation Workflow is a tool that makes it easy to move tasks electronically and smoothly through the business process with minimal interruption.

Building an Ed-Tech Product ?

Let's have a discussion and give your users a futuristic experience. Contact Us today !

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