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Technology solutions for the healthcare industry.

Streamlining healthcare operations via digital technology in order to expedite product delivery and enhance patient care.

Digital healthcare solutions can help make life more precious.

Our healthcare IT products are designed to fit your business needs and are available at a great price. They will help you enhance patient engagement, enable virtual care, streamline clinical procedures, optimize work operations, and ensure privacy for your clients.

Why Choose Us ?

Our experts ensure compliance with regulations while utilizing advancing technology to promote healthy living.
With a few clicks, we can scale and customize your model. This gives you the guidance to use trending technologies that can help you live a long and healthy life.
Yaantec is not only expert in developing and executing IT infrastructure solutions but also understands the significance of security, reliability, and privacy, which enables clients to employ the foremost practices in the Healthcare Industry.


Transforming Medical Care

Digitizing any type of industry is a boon for both payers and providers. In the healthcare field, it has shifted the landscape from hospitals and pharmacies to providing E-prescriptions. Yaantec can help turn an unsustainable healthcare system into one that is durable. With its experience in the health sector, Evince has shown persistent progress in bettering global health.

Electronic Health Records

Ensuring efficient storage and integration of electronic health records.

Innovative Healthcare Tech

Creating Solutions Through Innovative Healthcare Technology.

Increasing Operational Efficiency

Increase operational efficiency and minimize life-threatening risks.

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Services We Deliver

Booking Appointments

Businesses can use appointment scheduling apps to enable clients to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments online.

Clinical and Health Management.

Clinical & Health Management offers patient-centric care coordination, advocacy, and healthcare administration, guaranteeing top-notch clinical data.

Identifying Patients

Fintech software with an integrated claim management component allows you to easily manage claims while providing you with access to meaningful financial analytics.

Healthcare Data Exchange

Our fintech software development team is experienced and dedicated, providing specialized support and maintenance for the financial software.

Online Consultation

People no longer need to go to a doctor or clinic for medical help - they can receive care from the comfort of their homes with online consultations.

Managing Electronic Health Records

An EHR solution provides secure, up-to-date patient records that are available to authorized users in real-time.

Smartwatches and Fitness Bands integration

Wearable tech such as watches has proven very effective in healthcare and prevention, offering features such as heart rate monitoring, blood pressure, sleep monitoring, tracking of activities and location, alerts, and reminders.

Medical Transport Services.

Advance booking of medical transport allows patients to travel safely and quickly to their destinations.

Building a Healthcare Product ?

Let's have a discussion and give your users a futuristic experience. Contact Us today !

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