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Technology solutions for the retail & e-commerce industry.

To provide customers with personalized shopping experiences, retailers must understand, connect, and engage with them through digital transformation.

In this ever-changing retail sector, it’s essential to anticipate and fulfill the demands of customers. Our workflow automation solutions for retailers let you automate your business processes, accurately capture data and enhance savings, as well as customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Us ?

Yaantec understands the difficulties of the retail industry and provides software solutions that help retailers become more productive and modernize retail accounting operations. Our clients are kept ahead of their competition with our specialized digital service and online retail software applications.

Yaantec offers IT solutions tailored to the retail sector, offering clients invaluable experience and risk management to create further cost savings.

We prioritize meeting the ever-changing needs of retailers around the world by offering them a path to modernization. We've had many successful partnerships with different retailers.


Transforming Shopping & E-Commerce Experiences

As retail industry standards continue to rise, customers’ expectations change, and modern software solutions offer retailers the opportunity to stay ahead of their competition. Yaantec can help you do that by providing:

Top User Experience

Improved and More Enhanced Customer Experience.

Better User Journeys

Techniques for Analyzing and Assessing Consumer Behavior.

Creative Approach

Innovative Solutions to fulfill the requirements of the rapidly growing global consumer goods industry.

Data Driven Results

Having access to information helps people make better decisions.

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Services We Deliver

Forecasting Solution

Predictive Analysis & Forecasting Services cover Data Strategy Consulting, Custom-made Machine Learning Software Development, and Comprehensive Predictive Analytics Software Development.

Retail Solutions Powered by AI

An AI-driven analytics solution helps companies obtain consumer information from all points of contact and gain an overall perspective with effective data.

Omnichannel Integrated Solution

Omnichannel Integration is a modern way to sales and marketing that gives customers a connected experience from physical stores, mobile phone usage, and every other option in between.

Process Automation for E-Commerce 

eCommerce automation solutions can streamline routine tasks and help save time.

Mobile Commerce Development

Through M-Commerce, people can purchase and sell items using handheld devices like smart phones and tablets.

Retail solutions for mobile devices.

Solutions for mobile retail designed to enhance employee mobility and engage customers.

Managing Customers' Experiences

CEM is the result of how an organization and customer interact over the course of their relationship.

Customized e-commerce experience.

Busy or style-challenged people can benefit from personalized online shopping, which involves filling out a detailed questionnaire to ensure a truly tailored experience.

Planning for your e-commerce store ?

Let's have a discussion and give your users a futuristic experience. Contact Us today !

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