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A Complete Aggregator Platform for Beauty Services and professionals.

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Jan 2021







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    Glamz is an online marketplace for beauty and wellness services in Israel. Beauty and wellness service providers can showcase their work, network with new and existing customers, and grow their businesses.

    The easiest UI and UX, that the beauty experts can understand, There should be a provision for booking appointments in a fast and secure manner.

    The platform helps clients in a new and simple way discover beauty services and providers, book appointments online, and get inspired. The Admin side or call center side both can assign the client request to the physical stores or professionals. Along with the booking module, there was an e-commerce module as well along with the customer loyalty program.


    We developed a complete range of solutions for beauty professionals that includes comprehensive service to their businesses, ensuring a steady stream of new business leads and strengthening their image in the marketplace. Our management system for each beauty & wellness professional allows them to easily access a set of services, detailed schedules, and the full base of all their registered clientele.

    They can also view detailed statistics regarding their client base. Visitors can book appointments and leave reviews to help build trust among potential consumers.

    For Beauty Professionals:

    A web-based electronic booking system for beauty salons that lets them manage their schedules, and create, update, and cancel appointments.

    A highly-advanced notification system with SMS and push notifications that always keep track of new appointments from the clients. Additionally, all the clients get reminder messages on the days before their appointments so they don't forget them.

    With a convenient management system, clients' appointment histories will be automatically updated. Professionals can quickly access them by searching through their records with a few clicks.

    For Clients:

    A highly advanced search module for the best professional makeup artists who are strictly selected by verified customer feedback.

    Book an appointment at the click of a button!

    A notification feature that lets you know when something important happens.


    Glamz is growing and developing at an incredible rate. Less than one year of work has already reached more than 1,200 verified businesses that actively use the service and 13,000+ clients.

    More than 30 new clients register every day and 150-200 meetings are created each day. Over 20,000 apps were downloaded from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and the rapid growth of users continues.

    The latest addition to the Glamz ecosystem is the online store of brand products for face, skin, and beauty care. The platform is growing rapidly and has captured an important market segment in Israel.

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    Keti Baltman


    “We had the pleasure to work with Yaantec before. During the development of our application, we asked them to provide technical support. They offered us great help and we’re very satisfied with the final product. I would recommend them to anyone!”

    We highly respect Yaantec Technologies Pvt. Ltd., as they’re one of the best partners we’ve ever worked with! They’re known for developing top-notch applications. You can rely on them for your next app.”


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