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TL Nika – Transportation Management System

TL Nika is an integrated software platform that covers all the major aspects of transportation and cargo operations.

Project Details


June 2019


TL Nika




HRM Implementation

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    The client wanted a new, modern, efficient, and user-friendly (LMS) logistics management system for their business.


    Yaantec developed a completely new platform from scratch. It uses cutting edge technologies and advanced software architectures to provide high scalability and enable smoother future enhancements. The newly designed product includes top notch user interfaces (UI) and an expanded and improved feature sets.


    Some distinctive features of the new product include the following:
    • A custom CRM system with complex rules and advanced features;
    • An administrative interface with an agile tool for permission control: user administration, entity administration, classification tools and many others;
    • Cargo tracking system for managing shipment statuses;
    • Quote tracking: tracking of shipping orders, cost calculations, etc.
    • Order management: real-time tracking of shipments from the time they're dispatched until they arrive at their destination.
    • Cargo consolidation module (CBM) compliant with regulations
    • Accounting and books Module.
    • Print Module for auto generated e-waybills


    The New system was highly efficient in terms of overall day to day operations. Maintaining heavy excel files was tedious for the company before implementing the system developed. Now the centralized data management is quite efficient and saving a lot of time for them. So that the company is now focusing on other business functions.  

    In terms of ROI the system is highly scalable so in future if the business expands, there is no need of investing heavy amounts on software development cost. The Modules are working very smooth with heavy datasets also.

    The UI and UX of the system has designed considering the user adaptability and staff members are quite happy after using it.

    Mr. Rozenblat

    Program Manager

    “They succeeded in creating a better project management tool than any other competing product. Not only did they deliver quality solutions at affordable prices, but they were also able to create customer support and training materials for their products.”


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