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Toyota Car Dealer Europe

A Custom ERP Built with Latest Technology Stack for Toyota Land Rover Dealer (Europe)

Project Details


Dec 2021






Custom ERP

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    A custom ERP (enterprise resource planning) software solution was developed for the Business Car group, the largest Toyota and Land Rover car dealership in Europe. The old technology solutions were uncoordinated, tech platforms that required expensive upkeep and ongoing management.

    The main objective of the new solution was to automate key business processes for the company’s trade and technical centers, which included gross and retail sales of vehicles, spare parts and accessory, warehouse inventory and vehicle service and repair.


    • To improve business processes of the company by optimizing its infrastructure.

    • TSM is used to help Toyota dealerships implement service marketing programs for their own benefit.

    • To save cost and time by reducing the number of changes required for the system and adapting it to the changing needs of the company.

    • To ensure that local representatives' work remains relevant within a global organization.

    After automating certain parts of their business, clients needed to merge these new solutions into existing systems and eventually replaced them with new systems.


    We decided to use Ruby On Rails and the Agile methodology because they allow us to develop our product faster and get feedback sooner from real users.

    We started working on CRM system. Our goal was to create an easy-to-use tool that would help dealers manage their customers' requests. We wanted to make it possible for them to quickly find information about any client, regardless of whether they were logged into the system or not.


    1) "Services", "Spare Parts" and "Accounting" modules for services and document circulation automation;

    2) Without page refresh, navigation

    3) A flexible security system, allowing for both addition and editing of user permissions.

    4) Interfaces for interacting with previous systems.


    The custom ERP enabled the Automated car dealership and service centers. The IDDMS (Integrated Document Management System) was a big win over the system failures and data mishandling.

    Reduced operational expenses for maintaining IT infra­structure. 

    Faster sales cycle due to easy user experience.

    Yuriy Semenchuk

    Director - Business Car Sales Division

    ” We were delighted to choose Yaantec as an IT service provider for our new ERP system. They delivered everything they promised and even exceeded expectations. Their expertise was invaluable throughout the entire process. We’re happy to say that we’ve been working with them for years now and they always deliver excellent results.

    We recommend Yaantec Solutions Pvt. Ltd. as an excellent partner for any type of software development project. They’ve got a well-qualified team of developers who know exactly how to handle complex projects. Their experience allows them to meet the highest quality standards at every stage of the development cycle. “


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